In the large-scale retail and retail sectors, cleaning takes on a strategic value, able to generate a return on the image and in economic terms: attracting new clients, achieving brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. However, it is not only a question of a perceived image, but of the effective cleanliness of the place.
Skill offers a highly professional service to guarantee the best care for the hygiene and the cleaning of spaces visited by the public, of the equipment and of the food and products that people consume.

We offer cleaning with on-site maintenance service, deep cleaning and pre-opening cleaning, sanitation and disinfection of environments, washing of facades and glass surfaces, including by rope access, prevention and removal of graffiti, polishing and non-slip treatments for flooring, cleaning of external facades and signs, cleaning of escalators and moving walkway without system shutdown, the sanitation of technical areas, cells and benches according to HACCP protocol