The production environments require a high level of hygiene and cleaning to preserve the plants and equipment and guarantee their use and efficiency.
For the agricultural and sector, moreover, respect for hygiene in the production phases is fundamental for the safeguarding of consumers and for the compliance with the relevant regulations and specific protocols.
We provide hygiene services for service spaces, and the routine cleaning of offices and of reception areas present in these establishments: our experience allows us to carry out interventions without interfering with the production activities, guaranteeing efficiency and savings on the maintenance costs.
We carry out cleaning interventions on the machines, cleaning of coating plants and assembly lines, suction of oil and dusts from processing works, the collection of swarf, cleaning and disinfection (also according to HACCP protocols) of the processing lines, warehouses and storage spaces, cold storage rooms, ordinary and periodic cleaning of offices, toilets and changing rooms, data processing centres, break rooms, removal of graffiti and maintenance treatment of industrial flooring.